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What are your strenghts

What are your strengths?

One of the most common interview questions these days is – What are your strengths?

I am sure there are many right answers to this. But instead of saying – I am a good leader, I have strong analytical skill, my time management skills are outstanding, I am a perfectionist, I have multicultural team building abilities and all that typical blabber – how about saying the following?

1)    I bring stability to the process, I can measure, improve and thus control the outcomes, and I keep an eye not just on successes but also failures and thus optimize effectiveness

2)    I can coach people for the skills that I have, which not only empowers them but also offers them satisfaction that they are learning new skills

3)    I lead by example by demonstrating what to do and set the standards so that aspirations of the team are high and they pursue excellence

4)    I offer team members an overall perspective and the “big picture” so that they acquire a sense of purpose and have the means to self-motivate

5)    I listen to their concerns and empathize with them by putting myself in their shoes and then offer solutions that best matches their expectations

6)    I keep myself updated (with industry events, major shifts, changes, new developments etc.) and share that knowledge with everyone so that we all are savvy and informed

7)    I manage conflicts within the team by letting everyone express their point of view and take democratic decisions so that decisions don’t seem biased

8)    I make every effort to be innovative so that our effort and the company as a whole stands out and clients feel empowered

Can you think of more?