Category Archives: Cloud computing – Great stuff from Adobe!

Here is a cool new cloud app from Adobe. I strongly suggest creating an account and try these things out. This is better in some aspects (let me repeat, not all!) than Google Docs and Office Live.

The basic version is free but the higher versions are priced. It seems they are trying to entice the customers into the product and then persuade them into buying their stuff. That is a good pricing strategy. I logged into it with a Gmail address and check out a few features. I have to admit that the interface is great. It is almost close to that of a Mac.

There are many things you could do such as creating word documents with beautiful looking fonts with all the other word processing features such as spell check, view enlarge and diminish, create lists, etc. The incredible thing is that this is lightening fast in any browser. I have been getting irritated due to slow typing speed of on Google Documents word processing app, but the Acrobat one is blazing fast.

One can also create great looking presentations. The templates are impressive and beautiful. Making such templates in Microsoft PowerPoint will take a long time for a novice.

For all sorts of documents, there is a “one click away” option for creating .PDF files. This eliminates the need for installing PDF creators such as Primo PDF or Microsoft PDF Plug-in or PDF Creator. This is good stuff. All the PDFs can be saved inside itself and can be accessed from anywhere where you can access the internet. Browser compatibility is nice too. I tried it on all the three i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, works well everywhere.

There is more! The impressive part is that you can share all the documents and work as a team. Needless to mention, even real time collaboration is possible. You can hold live online meeting or even host web meetings.

Since mobile computing is getting popular, the mobile client for this app is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices as well.

I think is a great leap forward in online collaboration and document storing/sharing. I am sure personal cloud computing is here to stay!