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Can YouTube be a testing platform for TV ads?

I always love getting facts right and reporting them. As a marketer, data is what I rely on. Narayan Murthy once said “In god we trust, everybody else bring data to the table.”

I had a first-hand experience with the power of the above quote. Look at this ad presently being aired in India on primetime television. This is from Cadbury Dairy Milk India Ltd. They are a large corporation and their ads are expected to be great. This ad incorporates a strong Indian cultural value of tasting something sweet before embarking on important tasks. In many parts of India, this custom is routinely followed. The ad agency (no idea who they are!) made a romantic ad out of this.

I initially thought that this ad is a disaster. Simply awful! What a stupid way to communicate! But wait…check what people have to say.

I wondered if today’s Indian teenagers like this ad. That seems to be the target market and I felt that if they like it, I have to say that an entire teenage generation in India lacks class. What has happened to the romantic taste of India? Of course, this is my personal opinion. I also wondered if I were the brand manager, would I approve this advertisement. Hell no! The ad simply didn’t appeal to me.

But as a brand manager, my personal opinion shouldn’t hold influence over decisions I make, it should be the opinion of the customers.

I don’t care about what I feel about the ad, as long as teenage girls start dressing their hair like that girl in the ad and the boys start saying what that funny haired boy is uttering? Check this video on YouTube. No, there is nothing special in the video, but check the comments. Far more users have commented positively to the ad than the negative comments.

Personally, I would say it is certainly not the best the agency could have done. But it seems that Indian teenagers are fascinated with this ad.

As a marketers, I think YouTube is one of the best testing platforms once can ever get. I have an intriguing proposal here. Have we discovered a new way of testing the ad with consumers for free?

Is it a good idea to upload the ad on YouTube before airing it on TV? I think this can be done. If a company owns an advertising oriented brand, such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, ads can have a significant influence over what people of the brand. As it is said, an ad can make or break a brand.

As a digital marketer, I would rather buy air time for an ad that has a good response on YouTube than airing a lousy ad and hoping that people like it. YouTube is the platform to test ads. What say?

Reinforcing the brand message

One of the bigger challenges in marketing or brand communication is obvious, getting the message right and delivering it right. The winners usually do so. Marketing is said to be successful if it gets noticed.

People’s memories are short lived and fickle. Not all brand managers realize this. But of course, some do. Take a look at this ad.

I am not exactly sure where to fit this in the whole marketing campaigns, but I think its qualifies as “essential” or “strategic”. It is an advertisement after all but it gets the job done i.e. repeatedly communicating or reminding what the brand stands for. The car is meant for the family. Honda Civic is family car.

You wouldn’t expect the marketing teams of global companies such as Honda to get anything wrong, but believe me there are bigger companies which have produced marketing disasters.

This ad gives a compelling message about the car being a family car. Out, loud and clear! It also makes for a funny ad to remember and talk about, in fact literally a “remarkable” ad. It also plays on a man’s most intimate instincts, perhaps habits too but it stops at the right moment. The emotions captured are perfect, i.e. lost business opportunity for the hooker, embarrassment of the husband and dismay of the wife. Rather than spending time on features, mileage, look, colors, stylishness etc of the car, the marketers have done a remarkable job in telling what the product is, a family car.