How can make the Marketing Cloud (Radian6 and Buddy Media) more valuable?

Simple. By bundling these tools with consultative inputs and actionable insights generated by real people, who are knowledgeable, have domain expertise and who deeply care about solving client’s problems.

I read this – Laying Off Radian6 Employees As Buddy Media Shows $20 Million Net Loss, and didn’t feel good about it. So, here are my two cents to SFDC.

I work in the social media monitoring and analysis space and I understand the pain. The real art in this space is to bridge the gap between the analytics seen on the dashboard and the action that marketing team or the agency should take. There lies the problem and that’s what the client is willing to pay for (I do this stuff daily!)

Listening tools such as Radian6 and engagement tools such as Buddy Media, are exactly those. Tools. They are convenient and wonderful. But they tell you what you ask them or they do what you tell them. Tools rarely offer insights or direction. Insights and direction are the things successful marketing teams do differently. Are these tools going to ever offer competitive advantage? Remember, client’s competition can also buy them at the same price.

So, where is the different? The difference is in what marketing teams do with these tools. That is where SFDC may find it worth to invest.

Tools plus people will achieve the following:

  • Build analytics and interpret analytics, know the truth and tell the truth and generate insights (The “what” part.)
  • Based on the insights, understand what needs to be done, i.e. make the insights actionable (The “so what” part.)
  • Suggest action, or better yet, do it for the client i.e. make decisions, run campaigns and ship (The “now what” part.)

The above three points constitute the entire story. If any element is missing, the story is incomplete. As I see it, the third piece may be missing in the Marketing Cloud story.

Anyone listening?

A big disclaimer : These are my personal views and they do not represent the views of my employer.


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