Corruption in India doesn’t augur well

Indian politicians and their so called affiliates grieve me deeply. These days, when I open a newspaper to read or a news channels to catch up on the latest, all I hear is scams. Scams, scams and scams! A scam here and a scam there. Everything seems to be a scam. The entire system seems to be flawed.

I will remember 2010 in India as the year of scams. There was huge scam in Common Wealth Games 2010. There was telecommunication license scam. Then came the Adarsh society scam. Oh, I forgot to mention the IPL controversy.  The list continues. Recently another loan scam was grounded by the CBI.

It is rather difficult to chose the biggest and I am also not interested in that, but this has adversely affected the image of the government; it has loosened people’s faith in the governance and the possibility or hope of good governance.

India was once an ancient, culturally rich and diverse, spiritually accomplished and materially prosperous civilization. It survived for millennia. India survived invasions of Alexander the Great, The Moguls, The British Empire and many more in between. But I doubt if the present day India is capable of surviving widespread corruption which is internal.

I would like collect some imagery, some thoughts and videos that capture my feelings.

Here is a quote related to the results of moral degradation of a society. Before the start of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, a great quote from Will Durant appears. It says “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

In BBC’s historic series Rome, in Caesar’s speech, he says “Our beloved republic is in the hands of mad men. This is a dark day.”  Here’s the speech.

Although the contexts are different, I have to say that I identify with this statement.

In a more Indian and modern context a song from Hindi Movie Rann, directed by Ram Gopal Verma, somewhat captures the essence of the present situation. The title of the song is “Sikko ki bhook” in Hindi which means “hunger for money”.

The question is, will justice be delivered? Because, with the present level of corruption, I don’t think India can aspire to set example before the world, as a rising economic, political or military super power.

Nail the corrupt, save India.


7 thoughts on “Corruption in India doesn’t augur well

  1. Govind Paliath

    The situation does look grim and bleak. However, the very fact that these scams came out into the open(be it the media in CWG, the CAG in the Raja case or Open mag in the radia tapes) gives us a glimmer of hope. All is not lost. Not yet atleast!

  2. subhash chander chabba

    It is true that corruption at prevailing rate of spread is likely to take its toll upon the nation and that it may be affecting our sovereignty finally . The situation is appalling. The corrupt have to be nailed to save India. It will have to done in every nook and corner of the country.I am also a blogger now and i am writing under ‘Battle Corruption’ . We have to come out, unite on a platform, exchange ideas and finally take solemn pledge to awaken the masses. My worry is that with every passing day we are losing sane elements who had a patriotic zeal having been from a generation with some period before independence.The blood is turning white with every passing day.

  3. Balakumar

    these are big scams that loot the countries economy and altimately the money of the people.

    As a honest citizens we should put in a sensible and broad view on the stunning out come. The out come would be increase in taxation.

    As the countries revenue get looted (the looters) the politicians will look into the people’s pocket
    The citizens inparticular the youth should be sencitised and dragged into the public life with clear object.

  4. Balakumar

    Above all the day to day looters are the executors yes the officials who are the day to day looters of the public pocket though paid out of the public money as salaries.

  5. Kiran Patil

    Corruption is not limited to politicians. A corrupt politician or a corrupt business czar is a person who has achieved great deal of success in corruption. You can see corruption on the road by traffic police and by the traffic rules evaders, govt offices for petty things like house registration, birth certificate, etc, and even things like loan allotment for self-help-groups, BPL card allotment, etc.

    The root cause of corruption in fear for most of the corrupt people. Greed only follows fear. A person who is afraid of his present and future. How will I provide basic amenities to my family, how can I pay for the education of my children, how can I pay for getting a job for my children, how can I pay for a house for my family and myself in my old age? For most of the corrupt people, corruption is not just an answer to all these question but also the only way of life – because they have not seen a just society.

    Tanmay – we were lucky that our teachers taught us back in school. In most of the schools across this country, there aren’t sufficient and good teachers. Same teacher teaches 3-4 classes at the same time. Since the teacher doesnt get sufficient salary and on time, the teacher is forced to use corrupt practices in school and also work elsewhere on the farm or some shop. This is the first lesson a kid gets – just get your salary from somewhere and get more money from somewhere else. When the kid appears for the 10th board exams the teachers show answers on the board so that the school get a good record. This is the second lesson – dont work hard, be corrupt and you will get through. Same happens in 12th class or ITI or polytechnic. The young mind is now confirmed that cheating others through your work (rather no-work) is the way of life. Thereafter you pay for admissions in college and even for getting a job.

    This is just the corruption a person learns in formal education. At home, when he sees his parents, in the society when he sees others, his belief is strengthened.

    Now tell me – one who has undergone such extensive training for being corrupt – will he/she be ever free of corruption. Will such a person believe in hard work and truth?

    I am sure things will change, because corruption is nothing but transferring money from one hand to another. As you said, a society cannot live on corruption for long since there is no production or value addition happenning via corruption.

    So what is the way out?

    1. Tanmay's blog Post author

      KP…Thanks for the insightful reply. Sorry to have seen this so late. Being busy at work doesn’t give me time to blog. But all that you have said is true. As you rightly pointed out, upbringing plays a big role in shaping personality.


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