A great global marketing attempt

Look at this ad. Watching this ad gives me goose bumps.

What is amazing about the fact that this ad gets me excited is I am not so much of a soccer follower ( I am a global marketer though). I am more of the Cricket, Tennis, Badminton guy but this is incredible advertising. Write the future. Nike. Powerful messaging, embedded in the popular culture. It is an attempt to shape the culture. The ad is surely shot in various locations but more importantly, it catches the right emotions. Nothing is more appealing to human mind than emotions. Emotions pump adrenalin. I will not be surprised, is this FIFA world cup 2010 is also remembered by Nike’s “Write The Future” campaign!

This ad also captures the phenomenon of global marketing in its gut. World cup soccer is as global as it gets, and you can’t have a bigger global audience at one place than a world cup soccer ad break. As a marketer that is a lifetime opportunity. Get the ad right and people will remember you for years. I think it is bigger than the Superbowl advertising. Very few ideas unite the globe as it happened never before, one of them is FIFA world cup. Others? May be Google..

This ad has also been featured in 10 Marketing Lessons From South Africa. Worth reading for every global marketer!


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