Is your company a traditional employer? Are you a traditional employer?

The world has changed. Totally! It doesn’t look the same anymore. People don’t drive the T-models anymore. They are meant for museums. People are fond of Japanese or German hybrids these days. Telexes are out of memory, faxes are old, and PDFs aren’t cool anymore since anyone can make them. A-tracks are out of memory, music is carried on memory chips and online. By the way, most  music is free. Libraries aren’t physical anymore; I can carry an entire library in my laptop bag, or better yet, inside an Amazon Kindle or an iPad, the later being cooler. Information is free and accessible to everyone. The world has globalised. The world is flat. Companies can’t hide. If you are not Facebook, you don’t exist socially. If you don’t read blogs or e-books, you don’t know the latest. If you don’t use Google or Bing, what do you use? Good question. If you don’t what is RSS, you aren’t a digital citizen. If you don’t know Web 2.0 by now, perhaps you never will. If you haven’t heard of Enterprise 2.0, there is nothing exciting enough about you. If you don’t tweet or retweets, you aren’t in (the cloud). On the web, the default is social. Our way of looking at history has changed, perhaps taken a U turn.

Principles of managing business have changed. Businesses have changed. Rockefeller Habits Checklist is too long to remember and to rigid to make sense in the 21st Century. It is for people who dream of everything going well at their company which has a hierarchical management structure. Hundreds of years old financial giants (Lehman Brothers) vanished in a whisper. Management ethics are being redefined. Best performing investment banks are going wrong on investment strategies. Ideas changed from rewarding managers to creating shareholder values to creating customer values. The focus in future will be on the environment, if it isn’t already.

I can go on and on and on. The point is, has your workplace changed?

Does your HR care about your passion for work or they merely make decision based on your amicability? Did you company give you a progression plan for at least 3 years? Do you still use paper post its? Have you started using digital post its? Wasn’t that the most obvious evolution? Are you allowed to access Facebook in office? Have you stopped printing emails? Have you stopped using paper files? At the time of recruiting, did they ask you whether you have a blog? Did they ask you about which channels on YouTube have you subscribed? Did they ask you about a certain statement from your LinkedIn profile? Did they ask you where is Bolivia? And who ruled it? Or Costa Rica? Did they ask you about the leading five thinkers in your field?

If the answers to the above question are “yes”, then your workplace has changed. If the answers are “no” you have an opportunity to change your workplace. Go do it, before it stops existing. Or at least, try. Change is the most difficult to achieve especially in the corporate environment. For that you need powerful leadership.

Business is transforming from physical to digital. Cliché – Change is the salt   ketchup of life!


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