Google Dictionary – I was looking for something like this!

A really long time ago, perhaps 10 years earlier, a colleague gave me a CD of some dictionary. I installed in on my PC and I was delighted. Since English is not my mother tongue, I would often encounter words that I wasn’t familiar with, every now and them. My curiosity, coupled with a compelling desire to exactly understand what was being said didn’t allow me to leave the word un-understood and I would make an effort to open some dictionary website and look for the word. Usually it would be

I lost the computer and I lost the CD. After that it completely slipped out of my memory and I never had time to procure the CD.

I discovered Google Dictionary today. I don’t know when was it released and you could well term me as a lousy Digital Citizen, (may be only in this case!), but I am delighted today. Google Dictionary is absolutely cool!

It comes as an extension to Google Chrome, their cool browser. To all who browse the web, I strongly recommend making use of both, the browser and the extension. You have to install the Google Dictionary as an extension to Chrome.

So let us leave the excitement aside and get to functionality. It lets me do exactly what I want to do: understand the meaning the of the word right there. You just have to double click the word you want to understand and its meaning pops up. Don’t bother if it is opinionated. I am happy that it’s there!

I wonder what happens with other browsers. As for this one, thumbs up!


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