Business Management lessons

Welcome to this section of Business Management lessons. Posts in this section will surely not limit themselves to business only as good learning is applicable in most cases.

I have always believed that the best thing you can do to your career is work with people smarter than you and learn from them. Everyone wishes so, but whether you actually get to do it is a debatable question centered on the definition of destiny and theory of determinism.

The least you can always do is to keep your eyes open. And read a lot!

I am particularly impressed with what Mr. Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter, had to say about his leadership approach at Twitter, as reported by The Internet Marketing Blog:

1)      He spends half of his time thinking about the product and other half thinking about organizational issues

2)     He tells new employees to remember than there are more smart people outside the company than there are inside it.

3)     Openness was a constant theme of his answers.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of better known websites which changed the internet. It changed the way we connect with each other, communicate and share information. Even thought the product is great, the leadership finds it important to further improve it from time to time. I think that is essence of building a great product.

Acknowledging the fact that there might be smarter people out there that you yet haven’t known is a great leadership trait.

Many entrepreneurs that I have seen, lack listening skills, which they would have made good use of. Leadership is about being smart, but it is also about choosing smarter people to work with and let them work even if you don’t like their idea for they might be right.

I find strong inspiration in Steve Jobs’ speech given at Stanford. It is phenomenal!

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