Firefox 3.6 and Personas – really cool stuff!

Firefox never fails to deliver when it comes to exciting browsing. Today, when I opened Firefox, it asked me to download their “Latest and Greatest” version. After the download, it took me to “Get Personas” page and presented a cool video about browsing.

The video quality was amazing.

I think persona is a fine way of giving individualistic touch to how you related to the internet, at least visibly. We live in digital world and a large number of us in many nations across the globe are living online. Instead of same boring browser that we use daily, persona is a new and better way to make your browser look good.

The coolest thing about this is as your browse through the personas, just by moving your mouse over it, it dynamically shows you how the browser will look. Otherwise, installing themes just to check how they look in order to decide which one to use is very time consuming easy. This feature enables easy decision making.

Not all personas suite well to the browser, or perhaps, I don’t know how to make them look better. For instance, since my lucky color is Amethyst, I tried searching the list using that as a keyword and it gave me a couple of personas. But when I used them, the text didn’t contrast well with the background and I had to abandon it.

I am presently using the “Clean Fox” theme and I am loving it!

Team Mozilla, great job! By the time I downloaded Firefox 3.6, about 66 million downloads had already occurred. Much like you, I too believe in Openness, Innovation and Opportunity!


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