Search friendly web design is here to stay


They say it’s never too late to start. I say, in today’s digital world, it’s never too late to start blogging. So here I am.

Today Google launched its buzz. I like the idea. I think it will create a great platform for sharing interesting content with your peers, friends, and may be customers or clients. The last option will need utmost care and sense, especially in the business to business segment. Although, I am yet to understand the economics of the deal, I am sure Google will not fail to surprise us.

A really difficult task these days is to capture how the digital world is evolving. Although there are many theories which pop on a daily basis trying to explain the evolution of the World Wide Web, prediction of the future is challenging, unless someone is shaping it. One sure trend is that Google is making search more and more social, just as the web itself. There are some companies trying to build this idea into search, but they may have tried this in a different direction.

But, how does one get hold of this idea? Almost every company these days has a website, even in the developing nations. Every company wants its website to look good and create a great first impression. They also want to found. Here arises a conflict between web designers and search marketers, read IT programmers or engineers. Artists say that they don’t understand engineering and engineers say they don’t care about art, although they appreciate good art.

So, the challenge in creating great looking and search friendly websites is that a fine blend of both is hard to achieve. In future, such a skill will be in high demand. Search friendly web design is here to stay for long!



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